Christmas To Do List

Finals week started today. I already took two of my exams last week, so that leaves just three left. Hallelujah! Another semester nearly done and just one to go! Two tests tomorrow and one Wednesday and then my Winter Break officially starts!! I’m taking a winterim class so my break is only two weeks instead of four, but it will be worth it to not have to take seven classes next semester!

Inspirational, eh?


Anyway, while I was studying today, I found my mind wandering quite a bit. To what you ask? Why Christmas of course! Although it feels more like mid-September than mid-December in our house, I’ve been blasting Christmas tunes for a couple of weeks now in order to get into the spirit.

In an effort to push myself over the edge despite: no tree, no decorations of any sort and most of my family 800 miles away, I started putting together a To Do List of things I’d like to get done before December 25. Here’s a look at what  I have so far.

1. Bake more cookies! 

I was excited to have baked the gingerbread that turned out pretty well, even though I lack any artistic ability. I’ve got a variety in mind and found a new one today that I can’t wait to bake and share!

2. Mail Christmas Cards 

This is something I’ve never done in years past. I’d like to make it a tradition, but I suppose if the USPS goes under I may just have to stick with e-cards…

That reminds me, I haven’t told you about the special Christmas card I’m sending out this year! Julie mentioned a little boy named Max who is battling leukemia and will not make it home for Christmas has one amazing wish this year: to receive 1,000,000 Christmas cards in the mail! Mine is ready to go, just needs a stamp.

Here is his information if you are interested in helping make his wish come true:

Max c/o Hailey Remish
417 Jones Street
Belle Vernon, PA

I made the envelope out of wrapping paper. Nice, eh?

3. Do a Christmas craft with my nephews 

I’ve pinned a bunch of kid friendly crafts  as well as Christmas specific crafts and haven’t done a single one!

This is what I’ve got in mind

activities for kids Top 10 Christmas Activities for Kids


4. Run a 5K 

My first Christmas in Colorado was 70 degrees and we ate dinner on the porch. While I’m hoping for a little dusting of snow this year, a temperature of 70 would definitely make a run more bearable!

5. Visit one of the nice neighborhoods in town with Christmas lights 

My area of town doesn’t have many decorations, but I know there has got to be some fancy schmancy ones all lit up this time of year

6. Figure out a gift for Frank

Ah, what to buy a man for Christmas! I’ve got a few ideas, but none of them seem quite right. Any suggestions?


Smells like dinner is ready! I tried to recreate Skyline Chili. Can’t wait to share the results!