A Little Savory to Stave off the Sweet

We survived the holidays, high-fives all around! We are still waiting for Frank’s final gift to arrive, apparently the few flurries (okay, 9” of snow) that we got delayed UPS. I’m hoping it gets here in the next 30 minutes, it is killing me!

This is me enjoying one of my gifts... they all arrived on time

I really do wear that thing around the house. Frank talks a little smack, but it’s so cozy! I also tend to keep the thermostat at 60 when he isn’t home, so it gets a little chilly in the abode.

In other news… I don’t own a scale, so I have no idea how much poundage I’ve packed on in the last week of cookie devouring and no workouting. I tell you what though, every ounce was worth each meal, nosh and gorge I participated in. Damn this season ending… I’ve been walking around in a sugar coma (yes, I know you can’t walk around in a coma… but go with it), the more sweet I eat, the more my body needs it. At least that’s the excuse I’m going with.

I haven’t just been stuffing myself with sugar though, I’ve left plenty of room for the savory stuff.


Somersault Sunflower Seed Snacks 

Hello, you little bag of scrumptious.

These were in my Christmas morning stocking, but I held off on eating them until Christmas night while I was up late, playing Words With Friends doing really important things. It was my first exposure to these little morsels and I opened the bag with every intention of just “sampling” them. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Bag was gone in 10 minutes!

So what is it? 

  • Basically, a Somersault is a sunflower seed-based snack baked with other toasted grains, sesame seeds and spices.
  • The package says they are all natural, contain no preservatives, GMO’s or trans fats.
  • The website tells us that one serving has the same amount of fiber as an apple and the same amount of protein as a handful of almonds
  • The product comes in a variety of flavors (I only tried the one): Pacific Sea Salt, Cinnamon Crunch, Salty Pepper, Dutch Cocoa, Santa Fe Salsa

My Overall Thoughts

This is a great snack. Easy to eat too many and worth every crunchy bite! My only critique is the amount of salt. I know the flavor is called “Pacific Sea Salt”, but it was a little much for me. I’d love to try the Salty Pepper and Santa Fe Salsa!

My 2 Oz package came from a coffee shop, so I’m not sure how much they cost. The website says a 2 Oz bag will set you back $1.79 and the 6 Oz bag (the one I’d be most likely to purchase) costs $3.99 before tax. It’s a little more than my average snack (crackers and the like), but I don’t often purchase those unless they are on sale. I think I have seen them in the grocery chain we frequent, but didn’t give them much thought. I will keep an eye out for them and do some price comparison!


Have you tried Somersault Sunflower Seed Snacks? What is your favorite flavor? If not, what is your favorite savory snack? 

**I was in no way compensated for this review. The product was a gift from my fiancé and I’m pretty certain the Somersault folks have never even heard of me or my blog**