Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays

You know those mornings where the last thing you want to do is get out of bed? Yeah… me neither. 🙂 No, but really. Today was one of those days for me. Despite feeling lazy, I had made a promise to myself last night that a workout was on my list of things to do today.

I’m part of a group on Facebook called “Hot For the Holidays!” (hold your giggles please) and someone posted this Fit Ass Exercise Challenge. I thought, how hard could it be? I’m doin’ it! Well, reality hit in me in the face at around Rep 30 on Leg 1. Ouch! I shoved through it and although it says not to rest, I did anyway. It ended up taking me 9:02 to get through both legs and I was hurtin’!

See? I timed it for proof.

I wasn’t feeling very creative this morning so I opted to round out my session with an old pilates DVD.

I tend to get annoyed with all the yapping they do on workout DVDs, so I popped it into my laptop, turned the sound off and watched an episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” I need a distraction when I work out at home otherwise I tend to quit early. 30 minute show = 30 minute workout!

The DVD was significantly easier than I remember, but it has been a while since I’ve done it. The only really challenging part was the Thigh workout. I’m guessing that was thanks to all that stepping I’d done prior. Oh well, maybe some extra abs later today.

Breakfast was simple thanks to Tina over at Carrots ‘n’ Cake. Have you visited her blog yet? She is new to my Feed, but she has been blogging for years! Anyway, I knew I wanted to use the cranberries leftover from last night’s dinner  and I was excited to see her Cranberry Oatmeal post this morning! I made a few alterations (added almonds and an extra splash of milk because the flax made the oats too thick), it was really yummy!

I love almonds and cranberries together!

I’m off to get dinner started, a (hopefully) easy crock pot specialty! Oh… and to study for finals =/ Semester is almost over!


Upper Body Cardio & Apple Cinnamon Oats!

I took advantage of a quiet house and did a living room workout this morning. I had planned to go for a run, but it was 15 degrees outside! Brrrrrr!!!

I did this workout to get my heart pumping and my upper body moving! I was sweating bullets by the end I definitely plan to do it again. I’m finding that I really enjoy combining my cardio with weight training, especially being able to do it at home. There is a fitness center available on my campus, but it is always full when I go in there, so I usually just end up on the treadmill or elliptical for 30-45 minutes and never get any strength training in. Workouts in the privacy of my own home watching movies = Win!!

That's "Bee Movie" in the background!

After my workout I wanted something really yummy for breakfast, not the usual boring cereal

Old lady cereal.

Instead, I was in the mood for Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal! I’ve had a lonely little Ambrosia Apple sitting in the pantry, getting mealy all week. I decided to use ‘er up!

First, I peeled and chopped the apple then tossed it in a pan with some water, a hunk of butter, cinnamon and some brown sugar and let the apples get all warm and soft. Then I moved that to my bowl and cooked up some Instant Oats in the same pan.

Then I mixed everything together, topped with some almonds for extra protein and a swirl of maple syrup for some added sweetness. Bada bing-bada boom- Breakfast!

Quaker, eat your heart out!


One apple

2 tbsp Water

2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tbsp Butter

Handful almonds

Swirl of syrup

1 cup Instant Oats

1 3/4 cups water

1. Chop and sauté apples, cinnamon, butter and water until soft.

2. Prepare oats as suggested on package

3. Combine apple mixture with oats, top with almonds and syrup

4. Enjoy!

(makes two servings)