Quick Abs

I feel pretty good about the two final exams I took today, but once I was done I was really needing an energy release! I stopped by my campus’ gym and did some cardio and abs. I was really surprised how empty it was, but I guess most of the campus is either taking exams or studying for them this week.

I hopped on the Arc Trainer


I have only used this machine a few times. I generally prefer the treadmill or elliptical…and actually I think machine is usually occupied. It was free so I figured I would take advantage. I did a 30 minute cardio session on the “Strength” training setting.

Afterward, I did a quick ab workout since the floor was open. It looked something like this:

30 Crunches on stability ball 

30 Leg lifts holding stability ball

1 minute Plank 

1 minute Side Plank (each side)

30 Dumbbell Sidebends (each side)

Dinner is going to be simple tonight. Baked potatoes loaded with leftover chilli , cheese, onions, spinach and sour cream. So excited!

Frank said he is feeling Christmas-y tonight, so the rest of the evening will consist of: scented candles, sugar cookie baking, Last Man Standing and a yummy mug of Minty Hot Cocoa!


3 responses to “Quick Abs

  1. Hot cocoa and cookies make a great meal! 😉 OK, I’m a bit confused…do you have a bunch of different blogs? Because it seems that you link to a different blog every time you comment on mine. Or am I making that up? (For the record, I do find that I get easily confused at times.)

    • Guilty. Meh… I guess I have blog ADD, but that’s an unofficial diagnosis. It is however, very typical of my normal pattern. Start something, get super excited, dive in and give it my all…get bored. Abandon project. I think I will stick with this one though, my fiance is really supportive because I’ve been doing more experimenting in the kitchen so I have more to write about! Haha It’s crap I do anyway, so it holds my interest and keeps me accountable.

  2. OK, that makes sense! So now I know who you are, and who the Twitter you is, and I’ll know where to find you. And I mean that in a completely non-threatening way. Ha!

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