I Smell Ham!

I was a little relieved when I found out the Lions game was not being broadcast here in Denver today. I had my work schedule changed and ended up working today, so at least I knew I wasn’t missing out on anything. (Incase you were wondering, they won, Finally!) Wonder how Ndomokong felt sitting on the sidelines thanks to this little Thanksgiving Day tantrum.


On the way home from work I stopped by the store to pick up some fixins for tonight and tomorrow’s dinners as well as some treats I will likely bake tomorrow. Pictures to come! Walmart was JAM packed!! I generally do not care for Walmart for that very reason, damn their low, low prices.


Tonight’s dinner was a little festive and inspired by a Guy Fieri special on the Food Network last night: Baked ham with a Cranberry Curry glaze, served with mashed potatoes and corn.

Since I don’t bother with recipes most of the time, I gathered the likely ingredients and set to work. The ham was pre-cooked so that just went in the oven. Frank was sweet enough to peel and chop potatoes while I was driving home so those were set to boil.

The cranberry glaze was the most complicated (if you can call it that) part of this meal. I had purchased fresh cranberries so I could control the sugar added. I plopped those in a sauce pan with some water, covered them up and let them get to a rolling boil. Stirring occasionally was all it took to end up with a thick sauce. I added a few dashes of curry powder for a little spice. Here is what we ended up with!


I’m hoping tomorrow is a cooking and baking day! I’m really excited to take a first stab at recreating one of our favorite midwest restaurant’s specialties. I’ll give you a hint, the dish may be common, but this city’s chocolate and cinnamon twist make it unique!


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