Minty Hot Cocoa

Good evening! Today was a work day. Working weekends comes with the freelance marketing territory. It also comes with some awesome perk though. Like these:

Most comfortable sneakers ever!

Let’s fast forward to this evening though.

Dinner was lots of leftovers. I love leftovers, they are quick and food is often better when it has had the chance to really absorb added seasonings. Frank had made some taco meat earlier this week so I heated that up and topped it with chopped onions (I LOVE raw onions), shredded cheese, sour cream and a pile o’ spinach. I opted not to use a tortilla and instead had some leftover mashed potatoes topped with cheese!

That's water in the popcorn cup 🙂

It was a surprisingly really yummy combination.

For dessert, I whipped up one my seasonal favorites, Minty Hot Cocoa! This stuff is amazing and super simple. Just microwave a cup of milk (about 2 minutes) , add in a couple of tablespoons of Hershey’s, nuke it again for another minute or so and then add a dash of Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer. Yummy!

Well, I’m off to enjoy my coca and probably one of these mouthwatering cookies made earlier this week I’m shocked there are any left! Enjoy the weekend!

Yup, I decorated those guys.

What is your favorite holiday treat? 

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