Feeling Inspired

After multiple failed attempts at various blog “topics” and a lack of sincere interest in any of them, I’ve decided to bLog about something that actually inspires me! My life 🙂 More specifically, my journey toward a healthier life.

Here is what you can expect from me:

1. Food! And lots of it. I am no chef, but I do love to cook and I want to share about it.Recipes might get tricky since I never measure anything, but I have cooked up some pretty amazing nibbles!

2. Fitness. I’ve gone up and down and back and forth with this area of my life. My goal is to become more consistent and make it a more enjoyable and essential part of my life.

3. Friends & Family. Since I plan to move yet again in May, I plan to document the time I spend with friends and family as much as possible!

4. Books. I love to read and I hope to hear from friends and family about you guys are reading, too. 

So, let’s get this party started!

Where the name came from: I’m an incessant snacker. I nosh at the grocery store (those sample ladies are like angels to Earth when I’m shopping on an empty gut) as well as while I’m cooking (which unfortunately led to a bout of salmonella poisoning, but that story is for another day). My fiancé will also tell you I nibble every chance I get. Poor guy can never have a soda or something sweet to himself… he calls it “fiancé benefits”, I call it Love 🙂

A few other things you should know about me:

I work in marketing and I L-O-V-E it.

One of my favorite clients!

I intend to marry the love of my life.

This guy.

I’m graduating soon! (No picture here…let’s wait ’til it happens)

I’ve got many favorite people… these two top the list.


Another favorite.

I think that covers the basics. See you soon!

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